sustainable development-凯时国际

  the mission of harves: based on domestic market, extended to all over the world.
  the essential value views of harves:in term of customer: regarding the quality as survival base; esteeming customers; serving for customer; preciseness and factualism; being honest and faithful; perseverant innovationin term of employee: creating family atmosphere for all employees; being proud of becoming a member ofharves for everyone; regarding persons as base; respecting person‘s character; being kind and harmonious with each other; being care for each other; being united closely; a successful term of society: management the production scientifically;supplying new rich-technical production to society; marvelous service for customers; top-ranking benefit; contributing more strength to the civilization and harmonious development of society.
  the wish of harves: professional harves; innovate harves; international harves.
  the object of harves: being satisfied with customers forever.
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